The WordPress Timestamps plugin provides support for WooCommerce Orders by allowing you to create certificates upon new and modified WooCommerce Orders.

Here are a few videos to walk you through the WooCommerce features of the Timestamps plugin:

How to Enable WooCommerce Orders

  1. Install and activate the Timestamps plugin.

  2. Visit the Timestamps plugin Settings screen.

  3. Enable the checkbox for WooCommerce Orders.

How to Timestamp Your WooCommerce Orders

Once you have activated your WooCommerce Orders integration, you can proceed to timestamping your WooCommerce Orders.

  1. Visit the WooCommerceOrders screen.

  2. Create a new Order, or, visit an Order to make edits.

  3. Once done, save the Order changes.

  4. A new Timestamp will be created for you in a few seconds.

  5. Visit the WooCommerceOrders screen, and look for your Order.

  6. In the table, you will see the "View Certificate" link beside your Order.

  7. This will allow you to trace a history of timestamps for when your order has been modified. This indicates activity to the user so that they can be reassured at anytime independently using the blockchain.

WooCommerce Emails

  1. You can add the "View Certificate" URL in your WooCommerce emails

  2. To do this, you can use the {timestamps} email placeholder.

  3. This will display the certificate URL anywhere you wish to add it in your WooCommerce email templates

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