How can I verify the information in a certificate?

Verifying the information in a ScoreDetect verification certificate is straightforward. You can use the provided blockchain transaction URL and digital checksum to confirm the authenticity of your content with ease.

All you need is the file or text used in the certificate. And you can hash it using any SHA256 converter.

To generate the hash (SHA-256) of a signed document, you can use any SHA-256 hashing tool or execute specific commands based on your operating system:

  • OpenSSL (Command): openssl dgst -sha256 <filename>

  • Windows (Command Prompt): CertUtil -hashfile <filepath> SHA256

  • MacOS (Terminal): shasum -a 256 <filepath>

  • Linux (Terminal): sha256sum <filepath>

After generating the hash, compare it with the document's hash from the blockchain transaction details. If the hashes match, the document's signing at the recorded time is considered verifiably true.

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