Is my data secure?

Yes, ScoreDetect employs advanced encryption and blockchain technology to ensure the security and integrity of your data.

Your digital content is securely hashed on your device and is not saved anywhere else.

Only the checksum of the digital content is saved, and placed into the blockchain.

We use the ScoreDetect API to create a certificate.

Our API is using an https-only connection, so it is secure and encrypted. You can confirm this by using the http:// in your request and it will not work.

Upon calling the API, the data is immediately digested into a SHA-256 hash within a Cloudflare worker. Only the digested hash is sent to the blockchain. It uses the ethers.utils.sha256 method which is the same technology as modern web browsers.

If you are in doubt, you can independently use a sha256 tool to obtain the digest. Here is an example using the OpenSSL command:

echo -n "foobar" | openssl dgst -sha256

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