How long can I keep my account and certificates?

You can keep your account for as long as you have an active subscription plan. You can view our subscription plans here:

If you no longer have an active subscription with us, then we will provide you with one of the most generous grace periods in the industry that we know of — 12 months grace period.

During the 12 months grace period, your account is classed as a "Dormant Account".

We recommend you to download / export all of your certificates before your account is deleted.

This will give you enough time to download / export your certificates should you wish to no longer use our services.

What happens to my certificates?

By exporting your certificates, you will keep all of your certificate information. As long as you have the blockchain URLs and the accompanying files / text, it can be usable including for your legal purposes. Remember, we use SHA-256 to generate a fingerprint of your files / text. This means that you can independently use any trusted SHA-256 tool to obtain the fingerprint yourself. We recommend an open-source SHA-256 tool or OS-specific command line.

Because all the pertinent information can be visited in the blockchain, this means that as long as you can match it up with your uploaded files / text, you can still be safe to know that it is usable including for your legal purposes. Note that if your files / text have been tampered with, then the SHA-256 fingerprint will not be the same as what is on the certificate.

Nothing will change in the blockchain, since we cannot modify it (or delete it).

My account is "Dormant". What happens next?

After the grace period has ended and your "Dormant Account" still does not have an active subscription plan, we will delete your account.

We will notify you via email around 2 months before your grace period is planned to end.

What happens when my account is deleted?

As part of our procedure, we will delete all your information from our database:

  • Your ScoreDetect account information

  • Delete all of your certificates

  • Unsubscribe you from all ScoreDetect email and notifications

Afterwards, you are always welcome to create a new ScoreDetect account.

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